Relay List is a site that indexes and tracks various ActivityPub relays that have been shared with the public or with the creator. Each relay is checked every 30 minutes, updating the number of participating servers, the registration status, and if the relay is online. This information is useful for server administrators when considering adding a relay to their instance.

DM Mike to have relays added, fields updates, or removal and moderation requests.

As an administrator of an ActivityPub server, such as Mastodon, there are important considerations to be made before adding a relay. It's essential to know that relays replicate all local content from all participating servers to your server. There are costs associated with this action. You should always add relays with caution!


  • Increased activity in the federated feed of your server
  • Improved hashtag results for users
  • Expanded reach for users as posts are sent to all participants in subscribed relays


  • Increased media storage requirements and cost
  • Increased resource demands
  • Cost and performance of smaller deployments may be negatively impacted
  • Increased moderation responsibilities

Finally, the participants number does not directly correlate with the load adding a relay cause. It is best to review the servers participating to gauge activity. For instance, relays that have a few large, very active servers subscribed will impact your server's resources more than relays that have numerous small servers subscribed.

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